Natural Grass Turf



Natural grassy outdoor areas can improve physical and mental well-being. Lawns and exposure to natural outdoor greenery can reduce stress and increase feelings of happiness and serenity. Total cost is based on area of plot. If you have 30′ x 40′ plot, your area will be 30 x 40 = 1200 square feet. So, your total grass quantity requirement should be 1200.

50 Per Square Feet

  • Minimum quantity required for this product: 250

Ready to lay natural grass turf/sod is ideal for landscaping and beautification. Natural grass is cultivated in well irrigated agricultural lands and transported with care to customer location. Land levelling has to be done to prepare the plot for laying natural grass. Here are steps involved in the execution of this order. We take photos of plot before commencing work. Measure the plot and check for discrepancy. Assess the amount of debris and seek approval. Transport earth moving equipment to plot. Uproot unwanted trees, large stones, buildings if any. Remove debris from plot or spread debris on plot. Transport Natural grass turf/sod to the location. Fork over the site and rake level to leave a fine finish. Sprinkle a granular fertilizer over the soil and lightly rake into the soil and water well. Slowly unrolling turf to avoid damaging and lay rows to cover entire plot. Take photos of plot after completing work. Try not to walk on newly laid turf until it has rooted into the soil, which could take about 10 days. You must water the grass every other day.


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