Expert Solutions for all your Land Cleaning Needs.
We Clean, Protect and Maintain your Land

A Certified Company

Expert Solutions for all your Land Cleaning Needs. We Clean, Protect and Maintain your Land

A Certified Company

Expert Solutions for all your Land Cleaning Needs.
We Clean, Protect and Maintain your Land

A Certified Company

The Best in business since 15 Years!

About Us

Clean My Land is a service firm who has partnered with other local laborer's and companies to bring you excellent service! Our company is dedicated to working with each client with a professional approach. We understand each job is different and our clients have different expectations. We work one-on-one with our clients to make sure we’ve got their satisfaction taken care of.

Our Services

People buy land as an investment, but most often neglect the plot after purchase. This can lead to many problems like encroachment, garbage accumulation, hostile neighbors, etc. We offer services to clean, fence and install temporary structures to help property owners create new streams of money, at the click of a button.

Grass Cutting

Grass cutting involves trimming of overgrown grass, weeds and bushes

Land Leveling

Land leveling re-shapes a plot’s surface area and appreciates the

Debris Removal

Debris removal is optional after a grass cutting or land


Fencing gives a sense of privacy, enhances beauty, protects individual

Metal Gate

This is steel gate with one or two swing doors.,

Compound Wall

Compound wall gives a sense of privacy, enhances beauty, and


We take great pride in our quality painting services and

Empty Land Annual Maintenance

First impressions always make a difference in the real-estate market.

Construction Work

We are all aware of the importance of estimation in

Why to clean & keep the land protected?

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Snakes & Reptiles

Insect infestations, rodent accumulation, snake lairs, and habitat developments of other dangerous animals

Trash and Litter

Trash and liter on the property not only depreciate its value but also result in heavy fines and penalties

Squatters and Campers

Trespassers who occupy the property for some time can obtain rights to your property
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Overgrown Plants and Grass

Grass and plants can become overgrown in a matter of days and a variety of liabilities can build up quickly as a result

Regulatory Liabilities and Fines

Several local governments and community associations have strict property guidelines that penalize with hefty fines

Fires and Community Risks

Overgrown and unkempt plants can easily ignite ad cause fires that can impact neighboring communities
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Vastu & Feng Shui

Waste material, like garbage and unwanted debris on a plot attracts negative energy.


Neglected plot is a breeding ground for flies, mosquitoes, and worms, that can lead to illnesses and health issues.

Missed Opportunities

You may never know if someone has an excellent offer to rent, lease or purchase your plot.

Our Working Process

We take our work seriously. As a professional organization we provide extremely precise service and leave no space for complaints. Our experience over the years speaks volumes of our execution.

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