Hard Debris Removal



Hard Debris removal is usually associated with land leveling or building demolition job. It appreciates the value of land. Total cost is based on number of tractor loads of debris, which may be furniture, wood, bricks, cement and metal waste. You can add a minimum quantity of 1 load and our field executive will visit your plot and give final assessment of number of loads. You can pay for extra loads or we will refund your payment.

Cost calculated per tractor Load: Rs.3540

Description If a property has hard debris, such as, old furniture, wood, bricks, concrete and/or metal waste, we will require machinery and labor to dispose waste. We have specialists who understand debris disposal norms and can remove waste from within city limits and safely dispose of it in designated areas.  Here are steps involved in the execution of this order. We take photos of plot before commencing work Measure the plot and check for discrepancy Assess the amount of debris and seek approval from client Remove stones and uprooted trees Take approval from city corporation for transportation of debris Load debris into a tractor Transport debris to designated area and unload Take photos of plot after completing work.


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