Grass Cutting



Grass cutting involves trimming of overgrown grass, weeds and bushes using machine or by manual labour. It instantly appreciates the value of land. Total cost is based on area of plot. If you have 30′ x 40′ plot, your area will be 30 x 40 = 1200 square feet.

Grass Cutting is charged per square feet of land. The task involves grass and weed cutting or trimming by machine or manual labor. The curb appeal or aesthetic of your plot is the first thing people notice, and it directly affects the property value of the plot. Here are steps involved in the execution of this order. We take photos of plot before commencing work Measure the plot and check for discrepancy Assess the amount of grass/plant debris and seek approval Cut grass and weeds at the stem Remove grass/plant debris from plot if client has opted for it Take photos of plot after completing work


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